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Becky Scharfstein-McGettigan

Becky Scharfstein-McGettigan has a passion for all things creative.  At the age of three she realized she loved to create. Growing up in a very creative household Becky’s mother often made clothes for her and her siblings and rainy days were filled with paint and glitter. Her passions grew to include: scrapbooking; crochet; embroidery; mixed media art and encouraging children to create and express themselves through art. Children should be able to express themselves…with colours and  glitter! Her son Sean is her inspiration and greatest creation. He will be found in the store creating and expressing himself regularly.

Becky’s career in the hotel industry took her from Saskatoon to Regina and finally Edmonton where she was the Banquet Manager at the Westin Hotel. While successful Becky has always dreamed of owning a creative store and Saskatoon has always been home. She has returned home to open Creative Haven YXE. A place where creatives from all walks of life are inspired to freely make and create what moves them. A world where everyone is free to discover their own creativity and motivated to express themselves in new and inspiring ways. From a project on Pinterest to creating an album of your wedding, Creative Haven YXE is where you belong. From support to ideas to materials, Becky will be there to make your experience a wonderful one.

Marsha Scharfstein

Marsha Scharfstein has been crafting almost all her life. Watching her mother, she learned to first sew, then crochet and knit. The last two were a bit of a challenge for her mother because Marsha is left handed and she had to first translate what she did herself into “reverse” and then teach Marsha. Fun times… As a result, she is very interested in teaching other left handed crafters.

Although Marsha’s professional training is as a CPA, creativity has always been the thing that feeds her soul. Sewing will always be the favourite, especially sewing clothes and costumes for her children and now her 4 grandchildren, but she also enjoys jewelry making, decorative accents, scrapbooking, card making…you name it. The most fun is getting an idea for something, planning it out and bringing it to life.

Marsha is also a natural teacher. There is nothing quite as exciting as explaining an idea or concept and watching the light go on in a child’s eyes. She taught at the Saskatoon Hebrew School for 25 years before retiring last year…to do more crafting. Marsha firmly believes in two quotes: “If nobody learned, nobody taught”, and “Learning is a messy business” She can’t wait to begin teaching the crafts that she loves and seeing the magnificent things that will be created.